Omaha School Employees' Retirement System (OSERS)

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

Teachers Administrative Center, 3215 Cuming Street, Board Conference Room – 2nd Floor, Omaha, NE

1.     Roll Call

2.     Public Comment

3.     Action on June 5, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes

4.     Action on Legal Matters – (closed session) 

5.     Actions on Payroll, Retirements, Deaths, Refunds & A/P (closed session)

6.     Action on 2019/2020 OSERS Board of Trustees Meeting Calendar

7.     Action on Actuarial Services RFP

8.     Action / Discussion on Actuarial Model & User Agreement

9.     Action / Discussion on Sustainability Study

10. Discussion on Financial Statements & Budget Report – May & June, 2019

11. Discussion on 106th Legislative Session of the Nebraska Unicameral

12. Executive Director’s Report 

13. Trustee’s Report

14. New Business 

15.  Adjourn

Public Comment is open for the February, May, August and November Retirement Board meetings only.  Any other request or matter to come before the Retirement Board will be listed as an Agenda item.  Public comment is an opportunity for the public to address the Retirement Board with comments and opinions.

Agenda items are subject to reordering at discretion of the board president, please attend the entire meeting to ensure you're able to hear any discussion.

The Board reserves the right to enter into closed session is accordance with Nebraska Revised Statutes and the Open Meetings Act.