History of Osers

In 2016, LB 447 was enacted and provided in part, effective July 1, 2016 the three Board of Education representatives would no longer serve on the Omaha School Employees' Retirement Board of Trustees.  This reduced the ten member retirement board of trustees down to a seven member board. 

Effective 2017, four of the seven board members will be elected by the Membership.  The elected board members will be the 2-certified members, 1-classified member, and 1-retired member.  The Superintendent and the two business representatives will continue to be appointed by the Board of Education.

Board of Trustees

President, Patrick Bourne, Esq. - Business Representative

Vice-President, Roger Rea - Retired Member Representative

DeLayne Havlovic - Certificated Staff Representative

Scott Herchenbach - Business Representative

Faith Johnson - Certificated Staff Representative

Cheryl J. Logan, Ed.D. - Superintendent

Matthew Placzek - Classified Staff Representative